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SMATI ACADEMY is created for the sake of those interested in learning dynamic and reproducible reports (e.g articles, thesis, books) using Eviews, R and R Markdown If you follow the guides of SMATI ACADEMY,  you are likely to burn all your Latex distributions and other authoring (typesetting) applications. You may wish that you had known about SMATI ACADEMY earlier. SMATI ACADEMY is unique as it is so far the only place that incorporates Eviews, R and R Markdown in the world of dynamic and reproducible reports. Please visit OUR TUTORIAL PAGE    to see what  SMATI ACADEMY has to offer,  for free . Please feel free to post your prayers, questions, suggestions on the blog.  Knowledge should be free and open. Together we will learn more.  Best wishes, Sagiru Mati,  Department of Economics , Northwest (Yusuf Maitama Sule) University, Kano,  Nigeria. 


Hi everyone This blog is created purposely to share my experience in learning DYNAMIC and REPRODUCIBLE reports (articles, thesis and book) using Eviews, R and Rmarkdown. I am currently undergoing a PhD Program in Near East University,  Northern Cyprus. I work at the Department of Economics, Northwest University (Yusuf Maitama Sule University) Kano,  Nigeria. I published articles in Web of Science (SSCI), Scopus and other international journals. Timeseries analysis is my area of expertise. I use Eviews so much that I can program the results of my articles using Eviews programming language.  Recently, specifically April 2019, I have begun to learn R and Rmarkdown. With my little knowledge of R, I am able to create an R Package that can run Eviews scripts from R. I will soon publish it on my Github page. You can also visit OUR TUTORIAL PAGE   to learn alot of other things related to dynamic and reproducible research. I hope I could be of help to anyone willing to learn Eviews